Thursday, January 27, 2011

Looking For A King

I have searched the annals of history. I have seen some good kings. And I have seen some bad kings. Some have followed in their father's footsteps, while others have promised change and the crowds chanting "yes, we can". But still: the moral decadence of world cultures continues unabated. I have seen world leaders impose strict laws. I have seen others look for the good in man. But still: rape, murder, bloodshed, prejudice, hatred, selfishness, laziness, immorality and other lusts permeate every aspect of advanced and third world nations alike. For all of our technology, we are unable to eradicate the wretched blackness from the human heart. Our desire for peace and our desire for goodness simply confirms Romans 1:18 that we "hold the truth in unrighteousness".

I am looking for a King who can change the human heart! I have seen kings legislate morality.  And I have seen kings promote pornographic filth in society. But I have yet to see a king who can establish everlasting righteousness. I need a King to not only establish good laws, but to make the heart of the people good too. What use is a speed limit sign if we are inclined to disobey? I am looking for THAT King.

The longest reigning monarchs of recent history have ruled for over 70 years. But what would be the point of "long live the king" if he still eventually dies and the next one will crush the people? I am looking for a King who's reign of righteousness will last forever and ever. The "happily ever after" of story tales simply confirms that we "hold the truth in unrighteousness".  I am looking for an eternal King.

Kings often hide their sins and mistakes. King David was arguably one of the greatest kings of all history, even being called a "man after God's own heart". But even he tried to cover up a grievous wrong. The claimed transparency of our leaders is a fable! I am looking for a King who can be trusted. Trusted to do what he promised to do. Trusted to make wise decisions. Trusted that He knows what is best for our economy. Trusted with my little children. Trusted because he DOES have the answers for our fracturing culture. I am looking for THAT King. I am tired of leaders promising they can be trusted. I am tired of leaders saying they will fulfill their promises. I have searched and I have looked for a trustworthy King.

I am looking for peace. Weary of the fear mongering helped by extremists, I look for peace from the free markets but do not find it. Under socialism, I find only oppression and burden. It has been said that "freedom is not free", but how much blood has to be shed before we find the peace we are looking for? How much fear must we endure before the drug dealer is no more, shootings are a thing of the past, and rape, abuse, and domestic violence are forgotten -- how much longer must peace elude us? I am looking for a King who can establish everlasting peace. Yes, the oppressive elite do enforce their will on the sheeple, but what is the answer? It is not to take from the rich and give to the common man, for that would be committing the same sin. Even a king who can provide free opportunity for honest, hard work cannot contain the inherently lazy nature of the human heart. Again, I am looking for a King who can change the human heart! I am looking for a King who's burden is easy and His yoke is light.

I am looking for a King who can make my country so safe, I don't have to lock my doors at night.  I am looking for a King who can make people so good, that I don't have to worry about what might happen to my children. I am looking for a King who can make this world safe from pestilence, safe from famine and starvation. I am looking for a King who can tame the bite of lions, the sting of scorpions, and the venom of snakes. I am looking for a King who can ensure that new technology will not be used for evil. I am looking for a King who can promise that my hard work taking care of my family will not be wasted. I am looking for a King who can sort out all our economic issues once and for all. I am looking for a King who can stop the prejudice between cultures. I am looking for a King who will put an end to enslaving religions. I am looking for a King who will tell us the truth. I am looking for a King who will provide an end-all cure for the world's diseases. I am looking for a King who understands me and knows my plight. I am looking for a King stronger than 10,000 men, braver than any soldier, but tender and compassionate with a loving heart. I am looking for a King I can know personally. I am looking for a wise King, wiser than any scholar or scientist. I am looking for a King who's stories marvel the children, who's power staggers the imagination, who's goodness is unparalleled.

Let me tell you - I have searched the annals of history and I have found Him! He is Jesus, the mighty King! Everything the world has been looking for - peace, solutions to hunger and disease, hope, freedom - can only be fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

I have found a King so great that even the heavens cannot contain His glory. His love knows no bounds. His mercy lasts forever. His wisdom stumps the skeptics. His name is Jesus! The second coming of Jesus Christ will bring a kingdom of peace this world has never known.  Everything the world has been searching for is found in Jesus. You can trust Him to tell the truth. You can trust Him with your children. You can trust Him to judge in righteousness.

Have you found my King, Jesus the Christ? The strength of His power was evident when He shouldered all the filth and stink of sin upon the cross. The eternal peace of salvation is only found in Jesus. Give glory to King Jesus! Lift up the name of Jesus! Every legistive body and political ruler will bow the knee to the King of Kings! The United Nations will serve Him. The nations will worship Him. And the children will love Him.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name.

I have found the King, and His name is Jesus.

Monday, January 17, 2011

They Loved The Praise Of Men More Than The Praise Of God

John 12:43 says "for they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God".  This verse, among many in the Scriptures, stands in sharp contrast to everything the world is about, as epitomized by the lustful, corrupt Hollywood crowd.  So many of our actions are driven by a fleshy desire to be accepted by others.  Why is it that today's young people are not ashamed to make statements by spiking their hair, piercing every opening of their body, and wearing strange clothes but Christians are too chicken-hearted to boldly stand for a Holy God who hates sin?  When an unsaved man through extraordinary actions stands against popular culture, he is a testimony against Christians who are saved and know the truth but their life doesn't show it.  Will it be too late and at the end of your life that you realize a "well done" statement of praise from your Creator is better than anything else this life has to offer? What are you driven by? Are you driven by acceptance from family and friends?  Are you driven by work?  Are you driven by personal dreams and ambitions?  Choose rather to be driven by the Holy Scriptures when the Lord said "them that honour me, I will honour" (1 Samuel 2:30).  This is the praise of God.  It is a holy quest, a truly purpose-driven life, and honourable.  But remember one thing: this greatest achievement cannot be attained by those who reject God's Words (John 12:48).  "For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God".